Here to Be


Here To Be

We create access to yoga and meditation as tools for well-being to unlock real change in people and communities. Here to Be is a social impact program that creates access to yoga and meditation across social, physical, and economic barriers.


Why Yoga

We are yoga at our core. We recognize yoga and meditation as powerful tools to create individual well-being and build greater health, resilience, and community for all—regardless where you’re starting from or what life has thrown your way.



Equity and Inclusion

We believe that everyone has the right to practice in a way and in a place that suits their unique needs. The truth is, barriers stand in the way for many to access yoga and meditation—from geographic, physical, and financial accessibility to stigmas, and a lack of representation within the communities teaching and practicing.

Here to Be non-profit partners serve communities that face these barriers, and include survivors of violence, conflict, and trauma, individuals with an illness or disability, those who face systemic prejudice or bias, and at-risk youth.

A few examples of our non-profit partners include: I GROW CHICAGO, LoveYourBrain, and Ourmala.




Our Approach

Our global network of stores supports the needs of their local communities through partnerships with grassroots non-profit organizations. We also invest in strategic partnerships with organizations that create access to yoga and meditation at scale. Our program focuses include:

- Increasing financial and geographic access to opportunities to practice

- Creating greater diversity and skills in the community teaching and practicing yoga

- Cultivating spaces to practice where everyone feels included and welcome

- Building a network of shared knowledge, resources, and an evidence base of research for yoga and meditation as tools for well-being




Our Impact

Just as the needs of each community are different, so are the ways in which we support the non-profit organizations serving them, including grants from $2,500 to $100,000, in-kind donations, events, and fundraising.

A few of the ways we support our local and strategic partners include funding teacher’s salaries and scholarships for trainings, donating yoga mats, providing space in our stores for organizations to host trainings, and bringing leaders together to share perspectives and resources.

To date, Here to Be has invested over $5.4M, developed over 300 grassroots non-profit partnerships, and donated more than 8,000 yoga mats.




Get Involved

We’ve been growing the Here to Be program with a core group of non-profit partners and continue to learn a lot from them about our opportunity and responsibility in creating access to yoga and meditation. As we grow the program, so will our capacity to support more non-profit organizations and for more people in communities around the world to get involved in this impactful work. We’re just getting started.

If you’re a non-profit organization that creates access to yoga in your community, there’s opportunity to partner with Here to Be on a local level—the best place to start is by connecting with your local store. Here to Be is a social impact program that creates access to yoga and meditation across social, physical, and economic barriers.


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