Mum Knows Best.

Talking Motherhood with Sophie Pearce


Sophie Pearce is a mum of three girls and co-founder of Beyond the Bump – a podcast dedicated to unpacking the raw and unfiltered truths of motherhood.

This Mother's Day, Sophie shares the best parenting advice she's been given, the highs and lows of raising a young family and her wardrobe non-negotiables as a mum on the go.


lululemon: Tell us about yourself?

Sophie: I'm Sophie! I'm a mum of three girls (Poppy, Goldie and Pearl), podcaster and former Doctor based in Cabarita Beach in Northern NSW.

lululemon: What have you learned most about yourself since becoming a mum?

Sophie: Wow where do I even begin?! I think it's true what they say that when you give birth, you meet two new people - your baby and the new you - and I feel like that has happened fresh three times!! I have learned how powerful I am, and how strong, compassionate and caring I can be. It is so tough at times, but I definitely believe that motherhood has brought out the best in me!

lululemon: We know motherhood is full of highs and lows. What have been some of your most joyous times over the last 6 years, and where have you been challenged the most?

Sophie: The most joyous times definitely hit you out of nowhere. It's honestly just when we are spending time as a family of five, you're in a flow, everyone's needs are met, there are no other distractions - you feel this beautiful energy and it just feels right.

For me, all of my pregnancies were particularly challenging as I experienced Hyperemesis gravidarum. Those periods have been my hardest. My third pregnancy in particular I was so sick and suffered from antenatal depression. The guilt and loss I felt during that time missing out on so much with my family was a lot, and something that still impacts me to this day over 12 months on.

lululemon: Best advice you've been given by another mum?

Sophie: Through the podcast, I'm super lucky to be able to interview so many amazing Mums with such different backgrounds, stories and experiences. The number one piece of advice I've gleaned from all those discussions is if something isn't broken don't fix it. There is not one way to do any element of motherhood so if something is working for you, continue to do it that way. Don't worry about “creating habits” or the “what ifs”, just do you and adjust once or when it is no longer working.

lululemon: When it comes to your wardrobe, what are some of your non-negotiables to prepare you for a day wearing all the hats you do?

Sophie: Comfort is absolutely key for me but I also want to look good!! I have been living in my Super High-Rise Groove pants recently. Depending on the day, I’m usually either styling these with a baggy tee and sneakers or a blazer and slides.

lululemon: As Mums our go-to relaxed outfit is often a trusty pair of our comfiest Align pants, but beyond leggings how else do you prepare for a day of uncompromised comfort when you’re on the go?

Sophie: Buying things that fit! Never ever try to “fit” into an item of clothing, the item of clothing was made to fit us, because of this I have sold and donated so many of my clothes from pre-children or even pre- my third pregnancy because it is not worth suffering to fit into a cool or good item of clothing. 

lululemon: What lululemon product would you recommend to other mothers and why?

Sophie: Always, always, always the Super High Rise Groove Flare pants or the Align High Rise pants! They’re stylish, supportive and can be dressed up or down. I lived in mine during my last pregnancy and they're the ones I always go back to.


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