Responsible Down Standard (RDS)


Responsible sourcing is important to us and we’re proud to share that, as of Fall 2016, we are certified according to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). As of spring 2017, 100% of our down product is RDS certified.




We’re committed to upholding strong animal welfare practices by working with our vendor to have full visibility into our down sources. All down in our products is supplied by DOWNLITE, a company that shares our values. 

Down: Nature's finest insulator

We use goose down as insulation in our outerwear because it has a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than other materials used for insulation. This means more warmth with less bulk, making it an excellent high performance material for layering and sweaty pursuits.

Responsible Sourcing

We require that animals in our supply chain are treated humanely and with respect. We don’t use down that comes from birds that have been live plucked or force fed. We work to ensure the traceability of our entire supply chain by following an industry best practice called the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). The goal of the RDS is to protect and improve the welfare of the ducks and geese that provide down and feathers. Following the RDS ensures that our down comes from geese that have been treated humanely. 

As of fall 2016, we became certified according to the Respnsible Down Standard (RDS). As of spring 2017, 100% of our down product is RDS certified.

We’re not alone in our commitment to this standard. Our down supplier, DOWNLITE, helped develop the RDS by offering a deeper understanding of the down supply chain. DOWNLITE was one of the first down suppliers to incorporate the certification process into their business.

The down we buy from DOWNLITE comes from traceable certified supply chains that begin in China, Poland, or the Ukraine, and complete their processing in the US or China. These traceable supply chains are inspected all the way back to the hatcheries to ensure they meet the requirements of the RDS. All down supplied by DOWNLITE is a bi-product of the food industry that would have otherwise gone to waste. For more information on our responsibly sourced down, please see TRACEABILITY AT DOWNLITE


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