Your donation to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund helps emergency teams do their work. It enables them to give people the support they need in disasters: whether that’s help to prepare a safe place to take shelter, psychological first aid, information, and practical support through the months and even years it can take to recover.‚ÄĮ The vast majority of the Red Cross team are volunteers. The Disaster Relief and Recovery fund covers their costs, including training, equipment and transport as well as the coordination effort to ensure our teams are where the community needs them to be. 

Our thoughts are with the communities across Australia that have been devastated by the bushfires; those who have lost their home, those who have lost friends and family, and those still in danger. We are inspired by the brave individuals fighting the fires, and the courageous people supporting those affected. 

Community is Unity. Let’s come together in solidarity and show our support.



1 Minute Meditation on Compassion, with Ryan Mannix

1 Minute Meditation on Grounding, with Kat John