We stand for humanity, diversity and empathy—without exception.

Our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action (IDEA) mission.

Expand being well to encompass a culture of inclusion where diversity is celebrated, equity is the norm, and action is the commitment.



We’re committed to real, lasting change.

After many real and impactful conversations with our underrepresented employees and our greater community, we heard loud and clear that we need to change behaviours within our own walls to support meaningful, lasting change in the world.

Our CEO Calvin McDonald, together with our Senior Leadership Team, has made the following commitments to stand up and fund Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action within our organisation. This ensures we stay engaged and act in allyship in our commitment to anti-racism. This is by no means the last step. It’s just the start.


Increase funding, accelerate actions, and create accountability for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action:

• Recruit a Head of Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion, who will work directly with our senior leadership steering committee to ensure we deliver on our commitments.

• Expand and resource our global Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action team, internally investing an additional USD $5 million a year in funding to build consistent momentum.


Create an ongoing dialogue between diverse members of our collective with Calvin McDonald and our Senior Leadership Team

• Establish voluntary employee-led resource groups (pacer groups) that will set the pace of our progress, starting with immediately formalising the group of Black employees who have come together. This will act as our first pacer group; however, more groups of underrepresented employees will be formed – in addition to the ongoing diversity and inclusion sessions offered.

• Create a global advisory committee comprised of lululemon ambassadors who bring diverse knowledge and skills to inform our actions and collectively drive meaningful change around the world.


Expand our training, learning, and development to support Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

• Deliver anti-racism and anti-discrimination training for all employees by September 2020.

• Deliver Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity curriculum to all people leaders through our Leader Series and Retail Training Programs starting in October 2020, with senior leadership education kicking off in July 2020.


Increase diverse representation among our employees and our collective

• By Autumn 2021, we’ll share employee demographic data through an annual Impact Report which will communicate our commitment and progress towards creating positive change for a better world.

• Accelerate the equitable development of our employees by January 2021 through a new career development program that supports increasing diversity across our organisation, including our leadership team.

• Attract diverse talent from outside the organisation by June 2021 through a global internship program in partnership with educational institutions that serve underrepresented communities.

• Require diverse pools of candidates be interviewed for each role within lululemon starting in August 2020, through a refreshed hiring process that enforces inclusive practices and aims to eliminate bias.


Use our brand and our voice to advocate for change

• Provide an additional USD $3 million to our social impact program, Here to Be, for a total of USD $7 million in 2020, to disrupt inequity in wellbeing through movement, mindfulness, and activism. The additional funding will go toward organisations focusing on civil rights and social justice for people experiencing systemic inequity due to identity and ability.

• Leverage our platform to communicate with our community, amplifying diverse voices, and galvanising our community to act.