A Few Steps In Silence

High-lining athlete, Fergus and his best mate Max, from Content Lion, band together to share their passion for the outdoors and combined love for engaging in community and creative expression.


I think its not uncommon for us to sometimes feel like we need more out of our experience.

You know you get that itch that there is something out there for you that will make you feel more connected, and alive.

The question I was repeating in my head a lot was; How do we bridge the gap between feeling unfulfilled to being whole heartedly drawn and connected to a purpose.

Slacklining and highlining have become that thing for me.

The whole process from start to finish is so immersive,

Everyone that’s involved is brought together in pursuit of this wild feeling that highlining brings.

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It becomes very clear that although one person is out on the line at a time, highlining is not an individual sport.

You discuss the plan and prepare the gear together, you all hike into whatever gorgeous location you’re rigging at together. Enjoying the surrounding nature and sharing stories and stoke for the days to come. .

We all focus on the process of rigging and enjoy that as a team behind the constructing of the line.

The practice itself is this wonderful balance between confronting fear and your mental control over that, and harnessing your ability to remain composed.

Your constantly adjusting and searching for perfect balance. But you never really find it.

A reminder that perfection is illusorily and the real joy comes from your acceptance of that and embracing the pursuit of it.


You find so much of yourself when you crawl out on that line and confront the fear within you.

To share that with a community of people that you trust your life with is beyond profound.

What you get out of it wouldn’t be possible without having those people to guide you into that experience.

The people that guided me into my first line are the soul reason for that growth within myself.

To witness that value, given to you and to have that same opportunity to pass that onto another is incredible.

I believe there is a practice out there with equal value for everyone.

And we should never stop pursuing that.