Designed for Dad Goals

This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating all of the dads, dads-to-be, and fatherly figures in our lives.


With a renewed focus on wellbeing, dads understand the importance of self-care, and that feeling good physically and mentally means they can show up more powerfully for their families.

We joined lululemon Ambassador, Professional Footballer and soon-to-be father of two Max Gawn and Podcaster, former Professional Footballer and new-dad Dylan Buckley on the green to chat about the ins and outs of fatherhood and what they love most about being a dad.

lululemon: How would you describe your parenting style in three words?

Max: Fun, imperfect, creative.

Dylan: Best, dad, ever.

lululemon: What has surprised you most since becoming a dad?

Max: Love for your own child. You don’t realise when you’re not a parent how quickly and deeply you fall. You also can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t just love your child as much.

Dylan: How you can physically build a baby. I just look at him in amazement that he is a part of me and Justine - I don’t think I'll ever get over this. There’s no better feeling than when someone says that can see their parents’ features in their kids.


lululemon: Dylan, how are you celebrating your first Father’s Day this year?

Dylan: With Justine and Max. I’m so excited for it. It really hasn’t hit me yet that I’m actually a dad but it’s easily already my favourite day on the calendar.

lululemon: Max, how has George responded to the news of becoming a big brother?

Max: George has responded well at this stage. George has a big belly and seems to think he is pregnant as well. I feel like when his little brother is out, it will hit him like a ton of bricks.


lululemon: Who do you look to for advice on parenting?

Max: Mostly my own parents, but I also am quite lucky to be in a workplace where a lot of my colleagues have children my age.

Dylan: Ted Lasso and my Mum.

lululemon: Do you have any tips for new dads?

Dylan: Don’t expect to know what to do, no one does. Just love them as much as you can and support your partner as best as possible.

lululemon: How do you look after your wellbeing?

Max: Mindfulness is really important to me. Whether that is going to a sauna, water immersion, going for a walk or soundless drive – I really appreciate the small moments in my own space.

Dylan: Chatting and checking in with mates, making sure I’m outside before 10am and running!


lululemon: What’s your go-to dad joke?

Max: Scientists have discovered what is believed to be the world’s largest bedsheet. More on this story as it unfolds.

Dylan: What’s red and looks like a bucket? A red bucket.

lululemon: What do you love most about being a dad?

Max: Being able to go to the park and kick a footy and always having someone to come with me.

Dylan: The mornings. Juzz gets some much-needed rest from a mountain of work overnight and Max and I can hang out for a few hours before work - it’s easily the highlight of my day. It usually consists of a nappy change, shower, tummy time, making breakfast and coffee for mum and going for a walk around the block!


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