Science of Feel™

Every feature we design. Every fabric we create. Every sensation we engineer. It’s all done with one purpose: to unlock your full potential.
When it comes to our gear, we’re kind of obsessed with technical performance and innovation. Learn about the fabrics and technologies we use to help keep your head in the game (not on your gear).




Our first fabric designed for the Naked Sensation category, Nulu is lightweight and delivers that next-to-nothing feeling. Its light compression, four-way stretch, and full coverage allow unrestricted movement and confidence during your practice.  


Feels: buttery-soft


Designed for: yoga





Like Nulu, this high-impact fabric offers the same next-to-nothing feeling. Nulux is also sweat-wicking and quick-drying meaning you won’t have that wet, sweaty feeling weighing you down. The fabric is knit using a special technique that makes it incredibly lightweight yet opaque.


Feels: silky-smooth feel and cool-to-the-touch


Designed for: running and training



Anti Stink


The science of stink, Silverescent technology, powered by X-STATIC® is a core component for many products within our sweat category. This exclusive fabric technology prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria.


Designed for: running and training







Our original performance fabric is breathable and cottony-soft. Its technical properties and functionality, including four-way stretch. 


Feels: cottony-soft


Designed for: yoga or light-impact activities 





Luxtreme is a high-performance fabric developed to handle serious sweat. It is inherently sweat-wicking with four-way stretch.  


Feels: smooth and cool-to-the-touch 


Designed for: running and training





The technical performance of this innovative studio fabric comes from its unique yarns and double-knit construction which together keep you cool, dry and focused during the most intense workouts. Everlux’s inner layer was developed with special yarns that have unparalleled sweat-wicking capabilities and are cool-to-the-touch, while its outer layer is built with quick-drying yarns that offer a buttery-soft texture.


Feels: cool-on-the-skin


Designed for: sweaty studio sessions