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Our gear may have provided you with the support you need to sweat, connect and grow. And now you can help others experience the same level of support by leaving us a review. Better yet, you may win a $250 e-gift card by following the instructions below:

How to leave your review:

1. After you have put your product to the test, log in to your online account or sign up to create one

2. Find your new piece of lululemon gear under order history in your account or by searching the product name in the search bar

3. Click on ‘Write a review’

4. Leave us some love (or feedback) by writing a review

Review Tips:

To hit us with your best review, consider these questions:

• How did the product look and feel? (Soft? Stretchy? Lightweight?)

• How did the product make you feel? (Ready for anything? Motivated to go for a run? Confident to finally give yoga a try?)

• What sort of support did you experience when you put the product to the test? (Comfort? Breathability? No sweat patches to be seen?)

• What is your favourite thing about the product that you think others might want to know? (The hidden pockets? It’s the perfect shade of olive green? The waistband stays in place when you’re doing burpees?)


Feel free to keep it short and sharp (we value your time, after all) — but remember, a minimum of 50 words is best practice if you want to be in the running to win a $250 e-gift cardWe can only publish reviews that comply with our Terms and Conditions so please make sure you read these before submitting your review.



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